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    What is a Background Check?

    A background check is an all-encompassing investigation into a person’s history. It includes an in-depth criminal history check, checks on associates, employment history, academic and other qualifications, credit checks and more. At Precision Integrity Services, background checks are completed by our highly qualified investigators with dozens of years of law enforcement experience. A high-quality background check will create a complete picture of a person and goes beyond raw data to investigate an individual’s patterns of behaviour. These patterns can include moving regularly, constantly changing contact details or working across numerous industries without the requisite qualifications. This information can only be obtained and analysed by qualified professionals to ensure you and your organisation are protected from the risks posed by con-artists and criminals.

    Who Should Get a Background Check?

    Background checks are appropriate in both personal and professional settings because con-artists exist in every facet of society. Con-artists will target any industry or person and are proficient at identifying vulnerabilities. Romance scams are one of the most common ways to swindle an individual out of substantial amounts of money. They often begin with an online relationship (though they can just as easily pick a target in person) where they appear like the ultimate romantic partner. The offender often establishes a backstory that either elicits sympathy, such as personal or professional tragedy, or appears like a dream come true, such as a wealthy businessperson looking for love. In a professional setting, a con-artist may present as a potential investor, business partner, an employee, or a tradesperson. They may provide fraudulent credentials or hide previous questionable business deals or financial debacles in order to obtain a position of trust or advantage. As with the romance scam, they often appear too good to be true and generally appear when a business needs it most.  The business may need highly qualified staff, be going through financial troubles, or it may be in its infancy and the owner in need of mentorship or guidance. The goal of the con-artist often ultimately relates to financial gain; however, it can also be to obtain valuable information, including personal details or intellectual property. Unfortunately, the only limit for the experienced con artist is their imagination. This is what makes them hard to detect and why a professional background check is invaluable. 

    Why do I Need a Background check in Australia?

    The ramifications for not getting a background check can be wide reaching and severe. When considering the merits of a proper background check it’s important to consider what kind of information the person will have, or currently does have, access to. Is the person going to have access to financial information or be able to access bank accounts? Will they have access to personal correspondence or sensitive customer information? Will they have access to classified data or documents, or valuable intellectual property? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then it’s imperative to know exactly who you are hiring, going into business with, or entering a personal or professional relationship with. The standard hiring process doesn’t have the scope to get an accurate history of an individual. Basic referee checks are easily rigged, and an impressive resume can be full of misinformation that’s rarely properly verified.

    While an individual may seem trustworthy and legitimate in interviews, an experienced con-artist will have little trouble maintaining that façade for short periods of time. A professional background check by Precision Integrity Services’ experienced investigators will examine every facet of the person’s history and determine whether they pose a risk to you or your organisation. Our investigators will conduct detailed and accurate credit checks, which include assessing the financial viability of an existing business and whether an individual has registered multiple companies in poor financial positions. These checks will include validation of academic credentials or reported professional affiliations and determine whether the person has a pattern of behaviour consistent with fraudulent or criminal behaviour. This information is vital because the risk of allowing a prolific fraud offender, suspected sex offender or domestic abuser into your life or organisation can be extreme.


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    Why isn’t a National Police Check Enough?

    A National Police Check will only reveal limited information. This information is specific to convictions received for a criminal offence or a traffic offence for which a conviction is received at court. The check doesn’t include convictions received by a person when they were a child and five years has passed, or where the conviction is more than 10 years old. There are exceptions to this, including where the offence was sexual or where the person was sentenced to prison time in excess of six months. However, where a business or individual is attempting to ascertain a complete picture of a person’s character and past behaviour, there are serious gaps in the information. A National Police Check won’t show whether a person has been put before a court on numerous occasions, but the charges were withdrawn, or they were found not guilty, and it won’t show infringement notices. This may seem insignificant, but this information may be of extreme relevance and that’s where Precision Integrity Services can help. Our investigators can access when a person has been brought before a court, regardless of the outcome. Furthermore, we can conduct multiple checks using various versions of a person’s name or identity information, which will produce a more accurate picture of a person’s interactions with the law. While it is important to consider a person is considered innocent until proven guilty, the court process is complex, and a not guilty verdict does not necessarily equate to a person being innocent. The burden of proof in a criminal court is beyond a reasonable doubt, which means the prosecution, or police, have proved there is no viable alternative than a person’s guilt. The prosecution’s case can be nullified by the defence creating a reasonable alternative. It is also common practice for defence lawyers to target procedural problems with a police investigation that can cause a matter to be dismissed. In those instances, a person’s guilt is often irrelevant to the outcome. As such, you should take into consideration whether an individual has been charged on multiple occasions, regardless of the outcome. This information is invaluable and is only available by way of a professional background check.

    Why Precision Integrity Services?

    The staff at Precision Integrity Services are all ex-police who specialised in criminal investigation across a range of crime types, including sex crimes and child abuse, counter terrorism and domestic violence. With the information available on the internet, background checks may seem simple and achievable for anyone to complete, but the reality is quite different. Not only do we have access to a range of databases that aren’t publicly accessible, but we also have the ability and experience to interpret that information to make an accurate determination on the risk a person may pose to you or your organisation. We have decades of training and experience that allow us to apply a unique mindset to background checks. Unlike the general public, as former police we are trained to identify inconsistencies in a person’s history that ought to be investigated and have been exposed to a variety of con-artists and other types of offenders. Experienced con-artists are often experts at appearing genuine and can create a story and persona that is both appealing and believable. While it’s easy to say, ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’, it’s another thing to apply that in real time. That’s where Precision Integrity Services comes in. We’re trained to identify con-artists, fraudulent credentials and individuals who pose an extreme risk to you or your organisation. Background checks can take one day to one week to complete, depending on the complexity of the investigation required, but the results will be worth the wait. A background check by Precision Integrity Services will give you the confidence you need to proceed with your business venture or relationship.

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