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    Person Location Services AKA: Skip trace.

    Skip Trace is the common term used in the industry for locating individuals who are hard to find. Whether you’d like to locate a debtor or an estranged family member, we can assist. Our licenses and qualifications allow us to access databases and information sources that the general public cannot utilise. This data, combined with our law enforcement experience and team of cyber experts, gives us every advantage to successfully locate the person you are looking for.

    What Information do we Need From You.

    Obviously, the more information you can provide us the more chance we have of finding the person you are seeking. But we also know, sometimes you can know someone but not know details like their birthday, favourite colour and their passport number. But the good news is we don’t need that level of detail. All we ask is you provide us with as much information as you have about the person, and we will do the rest. At a minimum we need a first and last name and age or age range and if possible, a general area where they have previously resided. Once we have this, we can set to work trying to track down the person you need found.

    Skip Trace Done Differently So You Save Money.

    Within the industry most investigators will charge you seven or eight hours for a single skip trace. But at the end of this length of time they may not have found the person you are looking for. At Precision Integrity we use a different method of undertaking skip trace enquiries. We charge you only two hours upfront plus expenses. We know if we haven’t found the person in two hours, or at least established a further line of enquiry which may lead to the location of the person then the chances of us getting much further in eight hours is somewhat slim. Hence at the end of two hours we advise you of what we have found and if we haven’t been able to locate the person in that time and we don’t believe there are any leads to follow up in the short term we advise you of this. By operating in this manner we prevent you from wasting your money trying to locate someone that can’t be found at that point in time.


    Our Experienced Skip Tracing Team

    We Get Better Results - Guaranteed

    At Precision Integrity Services we will always go the extra mile to get you a result, on time and in budget. We blend our years of law enforcement experience and high-level qualifications to do our very best to find the target of your search. Unlike many other investigators who have very limited experience and the bare essential qualification to get a licence to work in Australia, Precision Integrity has a team of highly skilled government trained operatives who think outside the box to get the results you deserve. In addition, whilst other agencies tend to utilise a single database to search, we have invested in all available databases so we can cross reference and match information quickly. Thereby reducing the possibility of false positive results or no leads being identified. We have adopted modern day intelligence gathering techniques to complement our database searching which further ensures you are getting the best value for money and the greatest chance of success.

    Our Skip Trace Guarantee

    We are often asked if we can guarantee finding the subject we are tasked to locate. The truth is we cannot guarantee this, in fact no one can. If it were that easy there would be no criminals on the run and there would be no need for investigators because anyone could do what we do. The truth is investigation is, like many things, an art form when it is done correctly. Criminals, con artists and those wishing to escape their past often go to great lengths to cover their tracks and hide their identity. Does that mean they can’t be found? The answer is that at times there is a lag between when a person tries to leave a location and their records being updated. As such whilst at times we cannot locate someone in the very first instance, checks of records at a later date often turn up leads if not the exact residence of the person being sought out. As such, few are the people that can never be found, but the real question becomes how much time and money are you willing to spend to find the target. Taking this into account we guarantee to do the very best we can with the resources we have to find the people (or organisations) you need located.

    Confirming Residences & Workplaces

    Our initial person location services operate on a desktop basis only. Hence this means we will make enquiries online, within databases and phone calls to gather information and determine the likelihood of the person you are looking for residing or working at a particular location. Whilst this information can be 100 percent accurate at times, there is no way of confirming a person is at the location provided unless we actually attend and see the individual at the location. As such we always recommend, that once we have provided a possible address, that this information is confirmed through attendance at the location or surveillance. Whilst this is a matter for you as the client to determine the level of confidence required in the information provided, this is best practice for skip trace operations.
    Should this confirmation be required Precision Integrity Services have specialist field agents that can make these enquiries on your behalf. Whether you need discreet covert enquiries made at an address or an overt direct approach is your preferred option our field agents can complement your investment to ensure you get the best results possible.

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