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What's the secret to those people making profits and winning in business?

How does a Detective increase your profits?

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Its no secret, almost everyone’s life would be better with more time & more money. Many of us are only one poor decision away from losing a lot more time and a lot of money and with that comes the inevitable skyrocketing stress levels as we try to claw back the loss.

But think what you could do if you had your own detective on hand to help you before you made a bad decision or who could give you the advice, the information and intelligence you needed to completely avoid or quickly extricate yourself or your business from any bad situation. A little known fact is that some of the worlds most successful people and well known brands have an investigator on speed dial. How do we know this? We know because it’s us they ring. What does this mean for you then? What it means is perhaps what has held you back from being as successful as you could be and leading the life you want is the fact you don’t have your own Detective!

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So how does a Detective help you in your business or personal life? It all comes down to Time, Money, Stress & best of all knowing what others don’t. Above all information translates to money, more money, can mean more time to do what you want to do.  Hence if you had someone that fact checked everything, looked for incongruencies and knew the methodologies employed by the unethical and criminal alike you could operate without fear and with complete peace of mind. In truth most people come to an investigator after the damage has been done but investigators are best used proactively. To illustrate here are some examples of how we help our clients;

Investments – Most people make investments based on marketing materials alone. Investigators do a deep dive to confirm or deny the claims made by those seeking your money and show you what many don’t want you to see.

Human Resources – The cost of hiring the wrong person can be devastating to any small or medium enterprise. Not just because of the wages involved but a bad hire means more time recruiting, more advertising costs, less productivity and often theft or fraud committed by the employee. An investigator does the background check to verify what potential candidates don’t want you to know about them. Our undercover specialists can also test your employees to see if they are loyal and adhering to your code of conduct.

Cashflow – Our investigators track down those people that owe you money and then try to disappear. We then serve them with your paperwork in person so they know they have been found and can be found again. More than that it is suggested the issuing of a letter of demand – in person – sees more than 80% of all bad debts being paid after the first notice.

Insider threats – whether it is a complaint about misconduct in the workplace or an increase in revenue with a decrease in profits, sometimes you need an experienced investigator to get you answers and guide you on how to resolve the issue. Whether that is a toxic employee that requires termination or an accounts staff member fudging figures. A detective has the skill set to find the evidence, identify the threat and help you remove the risk without any potential allegation of bias, poor protocols or investigative practices.

Still not convinced? What if I said we have literally saved people like you and businesses like yours thousands, hundreds of thousands and on a few occasions millions of dollars. Not to mention countless hours, and a degraded reputation. If you want to know how we can help you and your business do better and be better. Then call our office and speak to one of our principals confidentially and see how we can help you succeed.

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