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    Every organisation no matter the size needs to not only understand Crisis Management but adopt it to ensure their survival. Precision Integrity Services emerged from a world of day-to-day Crisis Management. If you are looking for Crisis Management solutions Precision Integrity are your trusted professionals equipped to help you navigate through any emerging or potential crisis.

    Recent times have proven that the unforeseen incidents requiring immediate and large-scale response can occur at any time. We will partner with you to not only minimise the damage and fallout during the response phase but also assist you in navigating the organisation into the best position in the recovery phase, which provides strategic and operational advantages giving you a competitive edge in your marketplace.

    What is Crisis Management?

    Crisis management is a term often used as a synonym for Business Continuity & Emergency Management. Crisis Management however is its own distinct beast with specific processes. The key difference perhaps is that Crisis Management has a more strategic focus, looking to support the immediate operations but with a focus on managing the strategic impacts and long-term effects of the negative event. Crisis Management has a focus not just on the response phase but the recovery phase. It looks to ensure that actions done now do not have a more detrimental effect later reducing the viability of the organisation and its ability to meet objectives. Crisis Management considers the reputational impacts, Succession and human resource issues, intellectual and physical assets as well as managing key relationships.

    Why Your Sydney Business Needs a Crisis Management Consultant

    Every business large or small has competing interests requiring time and attention. Crisis Management has often been considered the domain of large corporations. Seemingly because they have a robust bottom line and ample human resources that they can dedicate to the establishment of Crisis Management frameworks and advice, Crisis Management is equally if not more important for smaller to medium enterprises though. The fact they have been established for shorter periods of time and may not have the same resources available means smaller more common crisis become life threatening events likely to drive such organisations to an early grave.

    There is more to it than this though. As your external consultants we bridge the gaps in the organisation. We bridge the gap in knowledge and experience of the executive team, who whilst highly skilled and qualified individuals, often do not have the experience in working in a dynamic, at times frenetic environment. Often executive teams with no external assistance lack the foresight to see how actions in the response phase will impede future endeavours irreparably.

    We bridge the gap created by internal politics and group think. Every organisation has its own culture and internal politics that occurs. This at times can impede the free flow of information and contribution by relevant departments in the organisation. As external consultants we become the circuit breaker, creating ways for all relevant parties to be heard and to steer the response and recovery on pathways directed by merit rather than political standing. In a similar vein group think brought about by like-minded people working with the same perspective often also evolves in a crisis, which sees the selection of poorly planned pathways out of the event, which external consultants could quickly identify and overcome.


    Our Experienced Crisis Management Team

    Sydney Crisis Management Services

    Our Crisis Management services cover a number of main areas. Our first and most often requested is in the field support. This sees a Crisis Consultant or Crisis Management Team attend your location and work directly with you and your team to meet your objectives. We can provide this service on-call with a 24-hour 7 day a week response if required. This service continues for as long as you need us and can be designed to ramp up or down to meet the various peaks and troughs experienced in a negative event. Included in this we also provide phone, virtual or in person consultation of Crisis Management matters, for times when you want insight or validation of your response to a crisis.

    Precision Integrity Services offer Crisis Management Training at both the basic and high level for organisations, industry or Continuing Professional Development. This can be facilitated onsite or virtually as determined by your needs. Our training includes desk top exercises, mock scenarios or training in the theory of Crisis Management.

    Precision Integrity Services also offer Crisis Management planning, document reviews, framework creation and post event debriefs. This element of our work has a focus pre-incident or post incident to guarantee you are best placed to handle any crisis that may emerge in the future.

    Sydney’s #1 Crisis Management Consultants

    All the qualifications in the world cannot prepare someone for the realities of Crisis Management. Crisis management demands the team work well in high pressure, evolving environments. Adhering to tight time frames with a clear head and calm mind whilst maintaining a holistic viewpoint but a laser focus.

    During your crisis our team don’t stand on the side lines they buy into your problem, and they work alongside you to help you get through it. We know the value of being in the boardroom or on the ground when situations are evolving. We know the long hours and fatigue which accompanies these situations and we will support you from the moment you bring us in until we have got you back to normal operations and beyond.

    Our team of Crisis Managers come to you with frontline experience. With a solid understanding of commercial, legal, political and tactical considerations and an aptitude for working under pressure in diverse teams. Our Crisis Management team, based in Sydney is experienced in all manner of events. Our team have experience in managing natural disasters, kidnaps, product tapering & sabotage, public order incidents, fire, extortion, mass casualty events, bomb threats, cyber-attacks staff shortages and strike actions to name just a few.

    Working Together for the Optimal Crisis Management Outcome

    At Precision Integrity we understand the importance of managing communications from the earliest point. Whether this be communications internally or externally we focus on ensuring what you say is in line with what you are doing, but it is said in a way that cannot be used against you. Often the very best intentions when broadcast are able to be turned against organisations through incomplete, poorly planned and or executed communication.

    To combat this possibility, we study every part of your communication plan. We also seek input from our media consultants to ensure what is released to the media is directed to the outlets and people who will report the content in truthfully.

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