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With over 100 years of combined experience, our team of Sydney Private Investigators are committed to protecting people and businesses from security risks, threats and deception.

    Security Consulting

    Precision Integrity Services offers Security Risk Management Consulting services as well as Security

    Factual Investigations

    Factual Investigations encompass the investigations you routinely see in the media. Factual investigations

    Skip Tracing

    Skip Trace is the common term used in the industry for locating individuals who are hard to find. Whether you’d like to locate a debtor

    Counter Surveillance

    Surveillance is the act of gathering information about a person, group of people

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    Precision Integrity Private Investigators Sydney was born from the desire of two highly experienced, skilled and ethical Police Officers to do more. With unrivalled insights into the immoral actions of individuals and groups, often masked behind a corporate structure, we saw malevolence operating unchecked. Consequently, we want to partner with you, to prevent you from falling victim to reckless, unethical and even criminal acts. Should the worst happen we will take every measure to recover your losses and to prevent further victimisation. We solve problems that will not solve themselves. If you are looking for dependable Private Detectives with ethical outside the box thinking, and five decades of experience, then you’ve come to the right place.

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    Surveillance Gathers Information

    Surveillance is the covert observation of a subject (person or location) in order to gather information and evidence of the subject’s actions and intentions. Mobile surveillance is observing a subject who is on the move, for example driving their car or moving to a different location. Surveillance operatives require a Commercial and Private Inquiry License to operate and are required to undergo specialised training, otherwise such activity is deemed illegal.

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    Private Investigation in Sydney is an Art Form

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