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With over 100 years of combined experience, our team is committed to protecting people and businesses from security risks, threats and deception.

    Security Consulting

    Precision Integrity Services offers Security Risk Management Consulting services as well as Security


    Work health and safety (WHS), previously known as occupational health and safety (OHS), involves the management of risks to

    Skip Tracing

    Skip Trace is the common term used in the industry for locating individuals who are hard to find. Whether you’d like to locate a debtor

    Counter Surveillance

    Surveillance is the act of gathering information about a person, group of people

    Precision Integrity Services

    50 Years' Professional Experience | Guaranteed Results

    Precision Integrity Services Sydney was born from the desire of two highly experienced, skilled and ethical Police Officers to do more. With unrivalled insights into the immoral actions of individuals and groups, often masked behind a corporate structure, we saw malevolence operating unchecked. Consequently, we want to partner with you, to prevent you from falling victim to reckless, unethical and even criminal acts. Should the worst happen we will take every measure to recover your losses and to prevent further victimisation. We solve problems that will not solve themselves. If you are looking for dependable Private Detectives with ethical outside the box thinking, and five decades of experience, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Are You Looking For a Private Investigator in Sydney?

    Then look no further than Precision Integrity Services. With over 40 years on the NSW Police Force between them, the founders of Precision Integrity Services are Sydney’s foremost Licensed Private Investigators for a reason: because people trust them, and because they GET RESULTS.

    With TRUST, DISCRETION and CONFIDENTIALITY being the bedrock of how Precision Integrity Services is run, you can rest easy knowing that when you hire the Private Investigators at Precision Integrity Services, you are assured that the job will be handled professionally and discreetly.

    You Deserve to Know the Truth

    Maybe your spouse is cheating on you? Maybe you suspect your office or car is bugged? Maybe your partner has run away with your child? Or maybe your teenage son or daughter has run away from home, and you want them found, fast. Whatever it is, the highly trained Private Detectives at Precision Integrity Services can help.

    Solve the Problems You’re Having by Teaming with the Professionals

    In a world where dishonesty is always close at hand it is difficult to know what is genuine and what is deception. Who is telling the truth, and who is lying? What is certain, is that sooner or later we will all need a specialist private detective to separate fact from fiction.

    Precision Integrity Services provide you with highly skilled, experienced and motivated private investigators in Sydney who will work with you through your matter to achieve an outcome that provides you with answers you need.

    Get the Evidence and the Answers You Deserve

    Private Investigation Surveillance is often the best way to get the evidence you require, And covert, 100% discreet surveillance from a licenced, experienced Private Investigator, is the only way to do it. Utilising the skills gained through high level government surveillance training and experience in high stakes law enforcement operations, our licenced operatives provide video, photographic and eye witness testimony. We provide you the evidence you need, on time and within your budget.

    There is No Substitute for Experience

    Our Sydney private investigators have decades of experience investigating complex, protracted and serious criminal matters. And this experience is put at your disposal to find the root cause of the issue you’re facing, and provide you with not just answers but solutions.

    Sydney is Full of People Who Seek to Take Advantage of You

    It seems that many good people go through life expecting people to treat them with the same respect and goodwill they show to others. However, not everyone has the same moral and ethical values in life as you. Some individuals will seek to take advantage of you and your good nature.

    If you’re on our website, then chances are you’ve experienced this sort of person first hand.

    What would you do if confronted with a person or a situation that threatens your safety, well-being or peace-of-mind? Perhaps you know you need help but you’re not sure exactly who to call, or what you need them to do. This may be the time to engage Private Investigators Sydney. Private detectives help you deconstruct the challenge and develop realistic objectives, to subsequently devise and implement a strategy to meet those objectives.

    Amongst other skills, good private detectives possess a keen understanding of psychology and human behaviour, and exercise skills in interpreting body language and ‘reading between the lines’. Precision Integrity Private Investigators Sydney have over four decades of experience in dissecting complex scenarios and discerning the motives and intentions of individuals. They have experience in both law enforcement and private practice settings and have experience in conducting complex and protracted investigations. Our team have extensive experience in the Australian legal system and a thorough knowledge of behavioural traits of perpetrators, both male and female. They utilise best practice private investigation techniques and will approach your challenge with “out of the box” thinking.

    Surveillance Gathers Information

    Surveillance is the covert observation of a subject (person or location) in order to gather information and evidence of the subject’s actions and intentions. Mobile surveillance is observing a subject who is on the move, for example driving their car or moving to a different location. Surveillance operatives require a Commercial and Private Inquiry License to operate and are required to undergo specialised training, otherwise such activity is deemed illegal.

    What is Surveillance?

    Surveillance is often utilised if you require hard evidence of someone’s morally corrupt, criminal or evasive behaviour. For example, surveillance can determine a subject’s whereabouts or may provide verification of a fact in dispute. Our team have extensive experience preparing and presenting evidence to court of all levels. Therefore, evidence obtained through surveillance provided by Precision Integrity will meet the stringent requirements for admissible evidence.

    Successful surveillance operations can only happen if we first obtain the right information from you. Precision Integrity Private Investigators Sydney conduct thorough consultations and know the right questions to ask of you in order to plan and execute your operation to the highest standard.

    It’s important to remember, surveillance results will depend on what the subject does during the time of surveillance. Therefore, it’s critical to choose the right opportunities to surveil. For an additional fee, our team can remain ‘on call’ in order to capitalise on favourable surveillance opportunities as they arise.

    Surveillance Fees

    There are different rates and approaches to surveillance offered across the industry. Some private investigators charge lower fees for surveillance and may only assign one operative to an operation. However, based on our combined 40 plus years of experience, we know most surveillance (particularly mobile surveillance) requires a minimum of two to three operatives to get results. Therefore, we only offer surveillance solutions that we believe will achieve the objective.

    For surveillance, the industry standard is to charge a minimum block of four hours per surveillance event plus additional fees as required. However, we only charge at a minimum three-hour period and do not charge additional fees for km’s, travel time, or production costs for videos or images. We seek to offer affordable solutions without compromising the quality or effectiveness of the surveillance.

    What is a Factual Private Investigation?

    A factual private investigation involves gathering, reviewing and analysing information from a broad range of sources to uncover the truth of a situation. This information is gathered through multiple means including: interviews, discreet inquiries, digital data searches, reviewing documentation and reviewing new evidence (including evidence obtained through surveillance). Sometimes there is a need to create artificial (yet legal) events to prompt activity to achieve the investigation’s goals. Our team have the experience to know what’s needed in your situation, and as ex police detectives, will always stay within the confines of the law.

    Private Investigation is an Art Form

    Understanding not only what questions to ask, but when to ask them (and who to ask) takes real skill. There is certainly no replacement for field experience when it comes to interviewing competency. At Precision Integrity Services Sydney, our experienced private detectives conduct investigations strategically. They will tactfully create opportunities for interviewees to expose the truth and unmask themselves by their own admissions. For example, they may use interviews to uncover fraud, expose political allegiances, prove attempts at employment extortion or blackmail, or even uncover theft of intellectual property.

    The length of time needed for factual investigations can vary depending on the complexities involved. A good factual investigation will conclude with delivery of a professional, comprehensive report with evidence to support its findings. Precision Integrity’s thorough approach to factual investigations ensure our comprehensive reports leave no stone un-turned.

    Factual Investigations are charged at either a daily or hourly rate depending on the job.

    Your Safety is Our Main Concern

    Precision Integrity Services Sydney will prioritise your safety throughout the process of an investigation. Our team understand you may feel there is an element of risk by engaging an investigative service and will do everything to get results whilst maintaining your 100% confidentiality and the safety of you and your family. We work with you to help minimise risks and keep you and your loved ones safe.

    If you are facing financial hardship, emotional hardship or in a domestic violence situation, you can be sure our team have a thorough appreciation of the complexities you face, both emotionally and physically. Their experience working with people of a broad range of cultural backgrounds in a broad range of situations mean they can culturally assess the implications of your situation and help provide realistic solutions.

    At Precision Integrity your safety is our priority, as we produce uncommon solutions to common problems.

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