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    What is Business Continuity & Resilience?

    To be successful in any area it is said you should do the thing 99% of others will not. This is perhaps never more valid then when it is considered within the realms of business continuity planning and resilience. Many organisations see Business Continuity planning to be something they will get to tomorrow or something they will attend to when a crisis is looming. What they fail to see is the opportunity and potential profit business continuity and resilience presents.

    By taking preparatory steps before a crisis or rapid environmental change you establish a capability to move quickly and reduce down time in operations. Hence whilst your competition is flailing trying to make changes and decisions on the run, your organisation can capitalize and improve market share. Not only does this increase your potential profit base it adds to your reputation and adds to the confidence people have in your brand.

    Obviously, the failure to attend to business continuity and resilience planning can spell the end for your enterprise. Decisions made on the fly are rarely as advantageous as those made with time and space and which have been reviewed and improved over time. Further even the best decision-making process once set in motion is only as good as the limitation of external factors such as availability of facilities and resources.

    Hence whilst Business continuity is often seen as something that can be put off for another time, it can often be the very thing that makes or breaks your business.

    More Important Than Ever Before

    It is hard to imagine a time in our history when a focus on resilience was more important. As the world has shrunk and we have all become members of the global village, local economies can be rapidly impacted by events that unfold on the other side of the planet. Conflicts and geopolitical forces evolve rapidly and create ripples that destabilise the economy with ease.

    With the volatility the world has experienced with pandemics, natural disasters and conflicts there can be little argument against the need for effective continuity planning. If you have not considered where you would move operations to if your premises was unusable for 6 months, or where you would source product from if your supplier was compromised you will likely see your enterprise needlessly crippled.

    Why You Need Our Help

    One of the few objections that are raised when we speak to management teams in an enterprise is we could do this ourselves. Whilst on the surface this appears to be true it is a false economy. Firstly, the person who is going to do this in your organisation is likely doing this for the first time ever. They lack the experience to understand the dynamic factors that must be allowed for in any plan. Factors such as timing of incidents and trigger points. They don’t understand the complexity involved in changing direction or moving operations and the challenges this creates not just in practical forms but in transitioning the staff to new locations and directions. Secondly with a lack of experience the personnel inside your enterprise will fail to account for every eventuality. They will likely fail to account for a possibility or believe it to be an unlikely eventuality and as such failing to plan for it. Thirdly being inside the organisation there is personal agendas, political aspirations and dominions of power that those internal to the organisation will be likely to encounter and try to avoid. Thus, these factors are just a few of the ways conducting continuity planning in house becomes less effective. Finally, being rather blatant, if it was going to get done in house, it would have been done already. The fact that it isn’t suggests it never will get done until someone outside attends to this for you.


    Our Experienced Business Continuity and Resilience Team

    Precision Integrity Your Business Continuity & Resilience Consultants

    Our decades of experience as leaders in a frontline, 24/7 zero fail mission-based organisation means we have acquired the skill set to create and adhere to comprehensive plans with clear trigger points for the execution of appropriate phases.

    Our experience allows us to forecast complexities and intersecting factors which others often fail to plan for. Further to this working in the community alongside multiple agencies and industry sectors at times of crisis, we have identified what plans are efficient and effective and which plans and methods fail. We recognise that planning and resilience is not just about knowing what to do when circumstances dictate but having a plan in place and the resources ready to not just respond but to transition into recovery and help you get back to doing business normally as soon as possible. Many others plan for what to do in a crisis, but don’t have anything in place for how to recover and get back on track after the initial execution of the continuity plan.

    Overarching all of this is our knowledge of how humans respond to change and crisis. We develop our plans with you to not just adapt and overcome the immediate challenge but ensuring we take account of how different types of people cope in those circumstances.
    Aside from our experience and qualifications in emergency management and resilience, our staff have qualifications and a solid understanding of commerce and management. They focus on achieving the organisational objectives as well as ensuring the ongoing operation of your organisation. We have witnessed the failure to focus on company objectives in resilience planning leading to the company survival, but find it is on life support for years after the crisis has been contained and dissipated.

    The Only Thing You Need to do Today is Call Us

    If you are a leader in your organisation who has the intellect to see weakness, the desire to succeed, and the strength to take action, we are available to position you to not just weather the storm but thrive as you accelerate out the other side. All you need to do is call or email our office and one of our business continuity & resilience consultants will get back to you with the solution to your problems.

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