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    Emergency Management

    Emergency management refers to the principles and plans established for your organisation to implement should the worst occur. Emergencies can vary significantly from environmental disasters, such as floods and fires, to public order events, forced infrastructure shutdowns or widespread cyber-attacks. No matter what the incident or emergency is the responsibility rests with you and your team to provide a swift and effective response to the situation, either in harmony with external agencies or alone. Any response includes managing all the risks to your organisation, from the physical infrastructure to your reputation. Precision Integrity offer a suite of services which includes training & desktop exercises, planning, provision of Emergency Management Co-ordination services and on-call response. Our team can provide you with all the tools required to respond to any situation.

    Emergency Management Training

    The very nature of an emergency is that it can be sudden and is often unexpected. While this may be true, it doesn’t mean that your organisation can’t be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Without thorough training and preparedness, a normal human response to an emergency is to panic and become quickly overwhelmed. Panic prevents any kind of co-ordinated and effective response to an emergency from occurring. The consequences of this to your organisation can be catastrophic. This is true regardless of the nature of the emergency, whether it’s a natural disaster such as flooding, or an online emergency such as a cyber-attack. The ramifications of both can be extraordinarily costly and far-reaching, from physical damage to infrastructure as a result of natural forces to a significant blow to your organisation’s reputation should a cyber breach occur. These risks can be mitigated with high quality emergency management training, planning and response as provided by Precision Integrity Services.

    Sydney’s Finest Emergency Management Team

    Recent events, such as the floods and the Covid-19 pandemic, have highlighted the need for organisations to be prepared to respond on their own. The process of effective emergency management involves multiple steps, which begins with a review of any emergency plans currently in place at your organisation to determine where improvements can be made. From there, highly trained Precision Integrity Services staff can develop an emergency plan that is tailored to your organisation, including the risks it is most likely to face. This plan would provide a holistic approach and include reputation management, should it be required, following an emergency. Once an emergency management plan has been developed for your organisation, training can be organised, including tabletop exercises to provide a range of scenarios for your staff. This is essential, because experience paired with qualifications provides the greatest advantage in times of emergency. When required for times of increased risk, such as events with large crowds or times when a potential incident would lead to moderate to catastrophic consequences, Precision Integrity Services can provide you with an onsite team to assist with emergency co-ordination.


    Our Experienced Emergency Management Team

    What is the Best Approach to Emergency Management?

    There are four key elements to the emergency management cycle, each of which your team should be familiar with and able to implement. 


    This step aims to lower, or even remove, risk factors that may contribute to the severity of an emergency, such as fire hazards, or insufficient cyber security settings.


    Through thorough training, like that provided by Precision Integrity Services, your team will be well-equipped to handle an emergency when they have access to the appropriate resources and plans.


    A timely and well-co-ordinated response in the case of an emergency will lessen the damage to your organisation. An effective response can only be implemented following proper planning and preparation.


    A plan for the recovery of your organisation, including its infrastructure, the safety and wellbeing of your staff and your organisations reputation, following an emergency.

    For this cycle to work effectively in your organisation, it’s vital you assign staff members with specific responsibilities and training that is consistent with those responsibilities. These roles ensure all employees are aware who is in charge in case of an emergency and how they should contribute to any response. Establishing clear roles and responsibilities removes any element of doubt and prevents the loss of valuable response time while such decisions are made. Precision Integrity Services can help you and your organisation develop an effective emergency management plan for any emergency.

    Staff Roles and Responsibilities During an Emergency

    It is imperative you allocate roles of responsibility to your staff should an emergency occur, regardless of their seniority within your organisation. With appropriate and thorough training onsite or with our on-call and consult services, even the most junior staff member will be equipped with the tools required to manage an emergency. If your organisation can not afford to have key staff offline to take part in training, Precision Integrity Services can provide your organisation with onsite consultants to take charge of any situation in company with your management team, thus bringing with our highly skilled consultants the direction, aptitude and foresight required to respond in a time of crisis.

    Sydney’s #1 Emergency Management Team

    Precision Integrity Services is founded by former senior Police officers and hires highly qualified (including tertiary qualifications) and experienced former officers who have reached a rank where they have had ample opportunity to manage and take control of emergencies. In addition, many of our consultants have training in business and commerce management. As such we understand your business and respond then not in a manner that contains and retards emerging or potential incidents but do so in a way that is in alignment with the tactical and strategic objectives of the organisation.

    At times we are asked what makes the experience as a former high ranking Police officer more valuable and beneficial to our clients than experience in other frontline services or even why it is important. In the case of an emergency, police are responsible for coordinating an emergency response, regardless of the nature of the situation they respond to. From their first day in a uniform, Police officers are placed in a role where they are required to undertake a fast but comprehensive appraisal of any emergency situation, ascertain the resources that are required and plan the response in time frames that may take five minutes to 5 months. The aptitude that is developed working under pressure, dealing with parties unknown to them and making high stakes decisions with limited time and resources proves to be invaluable in managing emergencies for your organisation. In addition, as part of Emergency Management Legislation, Police take a lead role managing and co-ordinating the response to emergencies even though they may not be the combat agency. Hence, they have greater insights and networks than other frontline services do. 

    At Precision Integrity Services our staff share decades of policing and emergency management knowledge between them. Our staff have lived experience managing and responding to a wide range of emergencies and managing hundreds of staff members from multiple agencies. The training provided by Precision Integrity Services has been developed as a direct result of our experience. As such our emergency management training, planning, co-ordination and onsite response is of the highest standard. By choosing Precision Integrity Services, you will be prepared for any emergency and your organisation will be in safe hands for the future.

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