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    What is Due Diligence?

    Due diligence is a thorough investigation into a business, its owners, executive officers, or into a potential investment or an employee. Due diligence done well will determine whether becoming involved with a particular organisation or person or choosing to invest a significant sum of money or time into an investment is a high-risk endeavour. The initial investment required for due diligence is vital regardless of the size of your business and something you should only trust to professionals. At Precision Integrity Services we have the experience and resources to ensure due diligence is completed to the highest level to allow you to make big business decisions with confidence.

    Why do I Need Due Diligence?

    Thorough due diligence should be undertaken before making any business deal or agreement of any magnitude. From employing new staff to business mergers, it’s vital you know exactly who and what you are dealing with. This includes the chief executive officers and other board members, along with what other businesses they may be involved with. Deception and fraud are rife in all sectors and industries. The risks for not undertaking due diligence are high. Whether it’s unqualified potential hires, bankrupt potential investors or business partners, businesses under involuntary administration or with failing financials, Precision Integrity Services staff have the training to identify the risks to your organisation, no matter how well hidden. It’s not uncommon for large scale business decisions to be made without due diligence, but the consequences can be severe. Making decisions on face value, including trusting any initial financial breakdown of a company, can result in huge losses. The figures provided may be sound, but it’s common for them to be misleading, often indicating a healthy financial position and an investment opportunity that seems to be impossible to ignore. Without conducting thorough due diligence, you leave yourself and your business liable to substantial losses and liabilities. By engaging Precision Integrity Services to undertake due diligence you can be sure your business deals are safe and risk-free. Our staff will verify any information provided to you to ensure it is accurate and that any new partnership or deal is in your best interests.

    What is Included in Due Diligence?

    Precision Integrity Services investigators will examine every facet of a company or individual. This includes a thorough assessment of the company itself and its key personnel, including the company directors. Our investigators conduct criminal checks on the directors and any significant associates to determine if they’ve been involved in any fraudulent activity, including money laundering. These checks include whether they’ve been subject to any findings of negligence or if they’ve been responsible for any corporate failings. Furthermore, we’ll investigate whether the company itself has been the defendant of any court cases, both civil and criminal to ensure they’re of good reputation and standing. Good due diligence doesn’t stop there; however. The investigation will continue into any companies that have been or are currently associated with the directors and the company itself. It’s imperative you know whether the key personnel inside a company have been associated with bankrupt companies, or companies that have lost investors significant amounts of money. This information can be easy to conceal if you don’t know where to look, or what to look for. If you’re provided with a business’ figures as part of a merger, acquisition or investment, they may appear to be healthy with a steady cash flow and strong returns on investments. Your accountant may agree, and the figures you’re provided may well indicate exactly that. However, how can you be sure those figures are accurate? One way to protect yourself and your organisation is to use Precision Integrity Services. We have expert forensic accounts on staff who, if given access, can review a company’s profitability and determine if it’s as viable as presented. We will examine a range of factors, from existing financial liabilities, such as loans and other commitments, and compare them to current income streams and future growth potential.


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    Why Due Diligence is Extremely Worthwhile

    When considering whether you should engage Precision Integrity Services to conduct high quality due diligence on your behalf, the main question is how much money are you willing to lose? If the answer is that you are willing to lose the entire amount you are about to invest, then due diligence is likely not appropriate for you. For most people, that isn’t the case. Due diligence may seem expensive, but the amount you should be willing to spend is about one to two percent of your total investment. When the figure is put into perspective against the total amount you or your company stands to lose, it’s far less overwhelming. It’s a small cost to pay upfront to ensure you can proceed with total confidence your investment will be profitable. High quality due diligence does cost money and it will take time. Depending on the depth of the investigation required, our investigators can complete due diligence from three days to two weeks. Ultimately, it’s a small amount to pay and a short wait to be able to proceed with certainty.

    Why Precision Integrity Services?

    Precision Integrity Services is a company built from decades of investigative experience in law enforcement, including fraud investigations and counter terrorism. The investigators have been trained to look for inconsistencies and to methodically follow any lead, no matter how small it may appear. They are driven and passionate individuals who are dedicated to uncovering the truth and ensuring you and your organisation can grow and succeed. Our staff have access to a variety of information sources and databases that allow us to create a thorough picture of any past or present business dealings of any individual or company that may negatively affect you or your organisation. We can view information that includes whether a company’s directors’ professional histories are clean, or whether they’ve had a string of failed business ventures, along with a breakdown of their credit ratings and the credit rating of any company they’re associated with. This, combined with the investigative and analytical skill of our staff, will allow us to tell you whether the company is as financially sound as it is being presented, including whether it is expected to remain profitable a year from now. An investigation by Precision Integrity Services will leave you feeling assured your business decisions are sound.

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