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    What is Integrity Testing?

    Integrity testing is essentially what it seems: ensuring a person’s integrity is of the highest level. While this may seem simple, the reality is a person’s integrity cannot be confirmed until it has been tested, which isn’t something that can be thoroughly achieved in the standard hiring process. Integrity is a quality most people will claim to have, and often something people pride themselves on. However, genuine integrity is a rare quality, and a lack of integrity can have devastating consequences in personal or professional relationships, or for companies. Precision Integrity Services has the technology and the staff to determine whether your partner or your employee has a high level of integrity before you experience any kind of Financial, emotional or intellectual loss.

    How Can Integrity Testing Help me in my Romantic Relationships?

    Precision Integrity Services offers a range of methods to assist with identifying an unfaithful spouse, such as conducting surveillance. However, the most effective method you can use to test whether your partner has engaged in acts of infidelity, or is willing to, is integrity testing. When integrity testing occurs in personal settings, it’s called honey trapping. Honey trapping involves using a trained operative, such as those employed by Precision Integrity Services, to create a situation in which your spouse has the temptation, or opportunity, to be unfaithful. This may include a planned meeting perceived by your spouse as a chance encounter, or risqué messages over various applications. In an increasingly digital world, it has become easier for partners with questionable integrity to hide affairs with encrypted applications. These applications make it increasingly difficult to identify signs of infidelity or to uncover an illicit relationship. If you are in a relationship where you have any doubt about your partner’s integrity, whether in the early stages or after years of being together, integrity testing is an invaluable tool to give you a sense of comfort. Honey trapping may be particularly relevant if there are any doubts as to your partner’s fidelity prior to marriage. Precision Integrity Services is the market leader in the practice with highly trained staff who will subtly obtain the answers you need.

    How can Integrity Testing Help Our Company with Hiring?

    Employees in any company have access to significant confidential information ranging from the financial status of the company to its intellectual property. Precision Integrity Services staff are highly qualified across a range of techniques that can be employed to ensure new and existing staff have the integrity required to protect your company. While resumes and reference checks can be extremely beneficial during the hiring process, they are unfortunately fallible and listed references can only speak to their experience with a prospective employee. While that employee may not have exhibited any dishonest behaviour during previous roles, it may be because they weren’t placed in a situation that required them to display the highest levels of integrity, or their dishonesty was never uncovered. This poses the question of how an employee’s integrity can be confirmed beyond any doubt before they pose any risk to your company. Integrity Testing conducted by specialist staff at Precision Integrity Services will determine whether an employee can be trusted before you or your company suffer any form of damage or loss whether financially or reputationally.

    What is Involved in Corporate Integrity Testing?

    The mystery shopper is the best-known form of integrity testing in the corporate world. Standard mystery shopping is the practice of sending an agent into a store or office, or getting them to call an employee, with a series of questions, or a problem for them to solve. While this system is quite reliable when determining whether your employees practice high level customer service and have a thorough knowledge of your products and their role, it doesn’t test their integrity. At Precision Integrity Services, we take the mystery shopper concept to the next level. Our experienced staff are trained to replicate digital and in person situations where an employee’s lack of integrity may allow for a financial loss or a loss of intellectual property. These situations are a replica of a ‘threat’ your company may face, whether it’s via a human actor, or via a business email compromise. Our staff will ensure these situations and circumstances appear as a genuine threat and occur without alerting your employee to the fact they are being tested. By replicating these situations for your staff where no actual risk exists, you as an employer can assess whether your staff have the integrity to withstand the threat.

    What is Business Email Compromise?

    A Business Email Compromise is an email sent by a criminal or criminal organisation that contains some form of malicious software, a link to malicious software or requests money or invaluable intellectual property, such as product designs. These emails are designed to appear genuine and as if they have come from a trusted source, such as a fellow employee or a regular customer. The email address these emails are sent from is usually incredibly similar to the legitimate email address and may in fact be only one or two digits different. Because the email sounds genuine and the address appears correct, employees are more likely to click on links or provide confidential information to the source. Once an employee has clicked on the link or provided the information, the damage is essentially done. The kind of malicious software that may be attached to the email often requires only one click before it has downloaded covertly to your computer and may be able to access information such as passwords by tracking keystrokes. The danger this poses to your organisation can be extreme, especially when compared with the relatively simple way the criminals are able to infiltrate your systems. While prospective employees may state they are aware of phishing emails or other forms of Business Email Compromise during a hiring interview, it’s not something you can validate without thoroughly testing them. This testing can only be effectively carried out by trained professionals, such as those employed by Precision Integrity Services.

    What Does Integrity Testing Prevent?

    Integrity testing can protect people in personal and professional settings. Entrepreneurs and business owners spend hundreds of hours developing their intellectual property and growing their brands. One of the most exciting times in that journey is the opportunity to hire new staff and expand the capabilities of the organisation in the chosen market. However, it can be one of the riskiest times as well. One of the unfortunate realities with employees is that to do their jobs to the highest level, they are required to have access to sensitive information, such as bank accounts or product designs. Once they have access to that information, you have no control over what they do with it. In addition to testing for unintentional integrity failures, like with Business Email Compromise, employers need to be aware of human agents who may be planted by competitors in their chosen field of expertise, or

    fraudsters whose sole purpose in engaging with your organisation is to steal or compromise your intellectual property. These individuals often present as extremely charismatic with a skill level that is developed to a point where they seem like the ideal hire. The risk of human actors infiltrating your organisation is one of the reasons it is essential to test your staff early in their tenure at your company to see whether they have the integrity required to be a positive asset. In personal relationships, integrity testing can help prevent financial losses as a result of divorce or other civil proceedings where a partner’s infidelity wasn’t known prior to marriage or children. This may seem like an extreme measure to take, however where there is a significant financial disparity between partners, it can provide much needed assurance that the relationship is genuine.

    Why Precision Integrity Services?

    Precision Integrity Services is the only investigation firm to offer targeted integrity testing that occurs digitally and physically in both corporate and personal circumstances. Our staff are trained to conduct honey trapping in person, which involves highly skilled covert operatives creating a physical opportunity with your spouse that a faithful partner would never accept. Precision Integrity Services staff have a high level of discretion, which will ensure your suspicions and investigation are kept private until you decide otherwise. In a professional setting, our staff are trained in replicating digital attacks as well as conducting in person investigations. These investigations can include everything from the generic mystery shopper experience to an undercover agent who offers your employees the opportunity to demonstrate the highest levels of integrity. Our staff have decades of combined law enforcement experience that has exposed them to a wide range of criminal behaviours and methodologies. This experience means our staff are aware of the types of integrity threats your business may face and how to replicate them. When compared to the significant loss you or your business could face if compromised, Precision Integrity Services offers a low cost and fast way to determine whether your spouse or your staff possess the highest levels of honesty and integrity. 

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