Most of our services require an initial consultation (with the exception of skip trace / person searches, and background checks). After your consultation our staff will attend to your matter. All reports and documentation provided to you goes through a quality assurance process with one of our management team to ensure they meet your objectives and our high standards. We then provide the outcomes as required in the format you need.

    At Precision Integrity Services our goal is to achieve the best outcome for you on time and on budget. To get the best solution for you, we usually start with an initial consult with our principal consultants. During this consultation we give you the time to explain your circumstances and your needs and then dig deeper so we can craft the best solution for you. Once we have a strategy you agree with, we will get to work, keeping you updated and informed of the progress in your matter.

    Some private investigation costs, such as surveillance can add up as you may, at times be paying for the time of several operatives for a minimum block of time (3 hours). However, during the comprehensive consultation process with our principal consultants, we strive to offer efficient strategies with your budget in mind. We have found this process generally see’s more efficient and cost-effective solutions provided to your problem.

    We are qualified and experienced in all manner of investigations. We investigate;
      • Fraud
      • Theft
      • Missing persons
      • Workers compensation matters
      • Insurance fraud
      • Workplace investigations
      • Infidelity
      • Background investigations
      • Asset location
      • Family court matters
      • Criminal matters
      • Stalking & harassment
      • Child protection and foster care complaints
      • Civil litigation matters
      • NDIS service providers
      • Due diligence and many more
    Our decades of experience ensure we have the knowledge and the capability to investigate any matter. Even if you have been turned away by the Police or other agencies, we may still be able to assist you.

    The more information you provide our investigators the better! At a minimum we would need a name, approximate age, sex and if possible, where you think they worked (current or previous) or previously resided. We will ask you for a broad range of details that can inform our searches. No matter how much (or how little) information you have there is always the possibility someone can be found. It just depends on how much digging you are happy for us to do.

    It would be unethical of Precision Integrity Services or any other investigator to guarantee a result. Whilst we have a high probability of success we cannot know if we can obtain a result for you before we commence the search. However, our highly trained staff have access to a specialised electronic toolkit and employ sophisticated strategies to achieve the best result possible for you..

    The answer here is Maybe. In some instances, surveillance is the single best way to determine this. However this may be determined through other means. By speaking to our licenced & experienced investigators you can be fully informed of your options to gather the evidence you want and need.