Security Consultant Sydney

    Security Risk Management Services

    Precision Integrity Services offers Security Risk Management Consulting services as well as Security Management Services to both Commercial and Domestic Clients. Our highly skilled team with decades of experience are available to help increase the safety and security of you, your family and your organisation. We pride ourselves on quality service and advice dovetailed into all facets of your area of need so you can have complete peace of mind in your level of protection. Our team have worked in Counter Terror and Intelligence, Investigated all levels of violent, property and fraud related crimes. Our team has been charged with the safety of the Prime Minister and International heads of State, have consulted on major construction projects and high-risk places of worship. Our team have also worked with numerous international law enforcement agencies and managed high risk incidents day to day in the Suburbs of Sydney, both proactively and reactively. There is no risk or threat you may be facing for which we do not have the right answer.

    What is a Security Consultant?

    Many of our clients do not understand the role or the benefits of Security Consultants (also referred to as Security Risk Management Consultants & or Security Advisors) when they first come to us. Some clients are often unsure how a security Consultant can help them. When we think of Security many people’s minds quickly turn to High fences, Uniformed Guards, and Guard Dogs. But the topic of security covers far more than this. Modern security considerations include how you protect yourself from threats within your organisation, how the culture of the organisation creates vulnerabilities and how to maximise the safety of people in the varied spaces they routinely inhabit, be this at home, in the office or in transit.

    Hence a security consultant is a professional security advisor who helps steer you in the right direction to maximise your safety yet often minimise expenses at the same time. Their job is to gain an understanding of any security issue or concern and provide you with solutions for that problem. This seems like a narrow field, but it is far wider than many would have you believe. Security consultants may consider the risks you face that need to be mitigated and then offer a prioritized assessment of solutions. They may review the security practices in your organisation or of a security contractor and ensure they are providing effective and efficient services. Other days they may assist victims of stalking with effective security measures at their home and offer tactics and techniques to ensure their personal safety.

    What do Security Consultants Do?

    Security Consultants undertake a wide range of tasks. Much of the work of the security consultant is concerned with assessing the risk posed to an individual, location or organisation and verifying the validity of the security tools used to mitigate the risks identified. In such cases the Security Consultant conducts a review and provides time and cost-effective solutions to limit these risks as far as they reasonably can.
    Yet Security Consultants do a lot more. Just some of the things they do include;