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    Surveillance Is the Key To Counter Surveillance

    Surveillance is the act of gathering information about a person, group of people or an organisation by keeping a close watch on their movements or activities. It can occur legally by law enforcement, the military or by trained professionals in the private sector. However, it can also be conducted by criminals and criminal organisations, stalkers, or on behalf of those individuals. Surveillance can be carried out in person, remotely by using specialist equipment that has been strategically planted, or electronically using publicly available information. When done correctly, surveillance is conducted without the target, or targets, even suspecting they are being watched. Surveillance can be hard to detect and even harder to prevent without the assistance of highly qualified specialists with years of training and experience. If you suspect you are being watched, stalked or are under surveillance, you need the expertise of Precision Integrity Services. Our staff have decades of experience in law enforcement and the private sector, including specific surveillance training. They are experts in all facets of the trade, including detecting and conducting surveillance, conducting counter surveillance and anti-surveillance.  Our highly qualified staff can help you identify if you are being surveilled, the identity of the operatives involved and assist you mitigate any risks this may pose to your safety, or the safety of those around you.

    Counter Surveillance vs Anti-Surveillance?

    At its most simple, counter surveillance is identifying who is watching you and then conducting surveillance on them. It involves identifying any surveillance operatives who may be following you or watching you go about your day-to-day activities and the methods used to conduct surveillance. Operatives may be in vehicles, on foot, or watching you remotely using multiple tools, or the surveillance may be conducted using a combination of these techniques. The tools used to monitor you can include bugs planted in residences, on vehicles or in computers. Precision Integrity Services uses complex techniques and engages covert measures to identify the person or organisation responsible for the surveillance, along with the tools used to monitor you. In contrast, anti-surveillance is identifying how surveillance could occur and preventing it happening in the first place, or minimising opportunities for it to occur in the future. This includes erasing your digital footprint and, with your cooperation, teaching you the physical skills and situational awareness to identify when surveillance could occur and how to disrupt it. Counter surveillance and anti-surveillance are not easy feats to achieve, and both require the assistance of trained professionals, like those employed by Precision Integrity Services. Our staff possess a specialist skill set as a result of decades of training and on the job experience in law enforcement roles, including close personal protection and counter terrorism.

    Why is My Digital Footprint Making Me an Easy Surveillance Target?

    Most people have an extensive digital footprint that has a wider reach than they realise. From Facebook to Linkedin, social media provides a significant level of insight to anyone investigating a target for surveillance. Most people post a large amount of identifying information to their profiles, from their date of birth to which gym they go to, or what schools they send their children to. This creates an easy starting point from which an operative can conduct surveillance on you. Your digital footprint extends beyond your social media, however, which can be difficult to identify without the correct tools and training. It can include biographies on company pages, old blog posts or mentions in a range of media publications. Once identified, your digital footprint can prove challenging to erase. Precision Integrity Services can identify what personal information can be gleaned about you using your digital footprint, and then help you to remove it to protect you moving forward.


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    Who is Counter Surveillance Useful for?

    There’s no limit to the people or organisations who may need to conduct counter surveillance with the assistance of Precision Integrity Services. From victims of domestic violence to high level chief executive officers, anyone who believes they are being followed or watched may, in fact, be under surveillance. High profile individuals, including executives of companies who attract significant media interest, or are involved in sensitive industries, can find themselves the subject of surveillance from news outlets, criminals or competing businesses. While the purpose of surveillance is to gather information about a potential target and their movements, it is crucial to remember there will be a reason that someone is gathering this information about you, or your business. Depending on the methods used, the surveillance itself may not seem insidious, but any offence being planned may well be. High level counter surveillance conducted by Precision Integrity Services can identify the risks posed to you and mitigate them before any offences have been committed, or any further harm is done.

    When Can You Use Counter Surveillance?

    Counter surveillance is one of the best tools to use if you have recently been in a dangerous or toxic situation, including as the victim of domestic violence, stalking or as the target of hate speech or violent threats. Stalking and similar obsessive behaviours continue, on average, for about 22 months after a person extricates themselves from the original situation. This means the risk to you remains. Because counter surveillance requires such a specialist skill set, the average person is often not equipped to know they are being closely monitored. Often, when a person does realise, they are being kept under some form of surveillance, it’s common for them to be told they are imagining it, or are paranoid. Where a person has received some form of threat – be it online, in person or via phone – counter surveillance can be an invaluable tool to detect hostile surveillance before any attack on the target’s safety can be carried out. Counter surveillance doesn’t stop at detecting surveillance operatives or technology and can be crucial for gathering information about the individual or groups who are surveilling you. This information is essential as you cannot protect yourself, or be protected from, a threat you don’t know exists. At Precision Integrity Services, we will identify where surveillance is being employed against you, identify the person or organisation responsible, and help you to address the risks to yourself or your organisation.

    What is Involved in Counter Surveillance?

    Precision Integrity Services can deploy a highly trained individual, or team of operatives, as required to conduct counter surveillance. This may include placing operatives in the field to follow you as you go about your day-to-day activities and observe whether you are being surveilled. Counter surveillance can occur over a number of days, if not weeks, as any surveillance you may be under won’t necessarily occur every day. The surveillance routine may depend on any specific activities you undertake, or places you go. The techniques used to surveil you may also change from day to day. The only way to detect ongoing surveillance is to employ professionals, like Precision Integrity Services, who have received comprehensive surveillance training and can identify operatives or techniques being used to monitor your movements. Counter surveillance has the greatest benefit to you when it is combined with technical counter surveillance. Technical counter surveillance measures include a thorough security review of your home, any office you work out of and any vehicles you use for any surveillance technology that may have been installed without your knowledge. This technology can include hidden cameras, listening or tracking devices and hidden applications on your devices. The techniques used to hide covert devices means a trained professional is required to locate where they have been secreted and remove them. These devices and techniques can allow ex-partners, criminals and competitors to form a complete picture of your life, including any areas where you may be vulnerable to some form of an attack.

    What Happens if I am Being Kept Under Surveillance?

    If Precision Integrity Services staff identify that you, or members of your company, are being kept under surveillance they can provide you with an extensive range of options moving forward, including teaching you complex anti-surveillance techniques. Anti-surveillance will help you ensure you are no longer being kept under any form of effective surveillance. Once surveillance has been disrupted or prevented, Precision Integrity Services can help you investigate the individuals responsible for the surveillance and their motivations. Our staff are also high-level investigators with decades of law enforcement training working in elite fields, including sex crimes, organised crime and counter terrorism. They will help you determine why you were being surveilled, what risks are posed to you and where you are vulnerable. Once that reason behind the surveillance is known, our investigators will help you determine if any offences have been committed to take to local law enforcement. If none have been committed, they can assist you with applying for a personal violence order from your local court and taking other steps to protect yourself moving forward. If you are being kept under surveillance, or you suspect you are, Precision Integrity Services is essential to keeping you or your business safe.

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