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Real World Police Experience = Ethical Private Investigations

If you’re looking for a private investigator or a security consultant, you will note many will say they are former Police Officers. The question we pose is this, is this employment history a mark of excellence? Does that prove they are qualified to be your investigator or consultant. Sadly, having been employed as a Police Officer does not always come with the qualities and aptitude you would expect from a professional.

How then do you sort the wheat from the Chaff so to speak? Well perhaps the best way is to know what to look for and what (and who) you are looking at when you are looking at it.

Here at Precision Integrity Private Investigators Sydney, we have adopted the principles of every one’s favourite fish provider, John West. John West gave us the slogan “It’s what John West rejects that makes John West the best.” The world of investigation requires much of the same management of and adherence to the standards John West endorsed. By this we mean with our decades of experience in the Police Force we know how to find the right person for your job. Our investigators were not Highway Patrol or Public Transport Command uniform officers whose only investigation experience consisted of seeing an offence and writing a ticket. Our staff were genuine criminal investigators whose talent stood out amongst the talented.

What Makes Precision Integrity Private Investigators Special?

How do we go about this? How do we find the best of the best? Well, we have some basic principles we follow that set us apart from the competition:

  • We select qualified detectives and officers with advanced standing in their area of expertise, be that investigation, surveillance, undercover work, or risk management.
  • Our staff are selected through a rigorous process which assesses their capacity to think outside the box, address all possible hypotheses, maintain an eye for detail as well as think and act quickly. This is in addition to high level background checks beyond that of the basic licencing criteria set by oversight bodies.
  • Our staff have not been terminated by the Police for unethical and illegal conduct (A key aspect that sets us apart from almost all others).
  • Our staff are revered and held in high regard by their subordinates, peers, and managers. Known by reputation for their superior capability.
  • Our staff come to us with a drive and passion to advance themselves. Rather than merely seeking the security of a steady pay cheque that arrives no matter the outcome they achieve.
  • Finally, our staff maintain the same high level of ethics we hold ourselves to.

As we expand and we seek new staff, we guarantee our standards are maintained, not by accepting anyone with a Law Enforcement background, but rather by rejecting all those who do not meet the required standard of ethics, skills and experience we demand. Sometimes this means we don’t hire any candidates from our recruitment efforts. However, we feel it is far more important to maintain the high level of service our clients are accustomed to than compromising the quality of the service we provide for the sake of just a few dollars more. Hence if you are happy with a mediocre investigation and sub-standard outcomes then choose anyone with policing experience.

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