Factual Investigations Sydney

    What are Factual Investigations?

    Factual Investigations encompass the investigations you routinely see in the media. Factual investigations see our investigators attending crime scenes, taking statements, interviewing victims, witnesses and offenders as well as reviewing documentation and CCTV footage to build a case to reveal the truth for you. The role of the factual investigator is to find the answers. Whilst this may be coupled with surveillance, most of the time factual investigation requires knowing how to get the information needed to make a case in criminal and civil matters. Factual investigations are used in Workplace investigations, independent investigations into misconduct against children and the elderly, fraud offences, and insurance matters.

    Precision Integrity Services - The Gold Standard of Investigation

    Precision Integrity Private Investigators was born from two highly experienced former Sydney Police Officers with decades of experience in investigations, who have trained other Police in the art of Investigation. They have successfully undertaken complex protracted investigations across the state and have been instrumental in the arrest and conviction of some of the state’s most heinous criminals.

    Our team of expert factual investigators are handpicked from the ranks of experienced detectives (not just uniform police) who are focused and driven to achieve results. They come to us with a range of specialist knowledge and tertiary qualifications that simply can’t be matched. No other experience can compare to the experience even a single month working in a detective’s office provides an investigator, much less the decades our diverse team have gathered. No other investigation team can match the pedigree and prowess of our investigators and that is why we have become known as the gold standard of investigators.

    To complement our experience in investigations our Sydney team have a diverse skill set that help them meet your specific needs. Our staff have training in forensic psychology, counter terrorism, counselling, business and bookkeeping to name just a few. We also work in tandem with expert forensic accountants that assist us in unravelling the web of deceit often expertly crafted by fraud offenders.

    Workplace Investigations Sydney

    Workplace investigations have become increasingly common within most industries. Precision Integrity are frequently engaged by organisations to find the answers to their questions. Whilst often we are engaged to gain answers to conduct that may appear to be criminal. We are just as often engaged to investigate matters of workplace bullying and harassment. In fact, as workplace bullying and harassment becomes increasingly recognised as a leading cause for mental health claims against workers compensation insurance and staff turnover, more employers are seeking the assistance of professional investigators to uncover the truth.

    Independent external investigators become an invaluable resource to your organisation because they provide a guarantee of independence. Whilst internal investigations may appear at first glance to offer an easy solution, most internal investigations are easily discredited as those conducting the investigation may be bias. Further being inexperienced and unskilled in the areas of investigation, many internal investigations further complicate matters and are unable to find the answers desperately sought.

    Coming into any organisation as a professional and unbiased investigative party, we are able to use our skills to get people to open up and disclose more because they feel safer dealing with someone external. Better still we know what to say and when, getting the answers you need.

    If you or your organisation are looking for workplace investigators who have experience investigating;

    Fraud Offences

    Theft Offences

    Bullying & Harassment

    Workers Compensation claims

    Workplace accidents

    Intellectual Property theft

    And workplace misconduct

    Then we have the skills and experience you need to get the job done on time and in budget.

    NDIS investigations

    The NDIS is Australia’s first national Scheme for people with a disability. It provides funding directly to individuals. Providers who deliver supports and services under the NDIS are required to operate and comply with relevant Australian laws, rules and regulations. Precision Integrity Services have carried out extensive investigations in the NDIS sector. These investigations have ranged from allegations against support workers and therapists through to senior executive management.

    Adhering to best practice, NDIS providers will regularly outsource their internal investigations to us. They know Precision Integrity Services has the expertise, skillset and technical knowledge to carry out factual investigations with appropriate sensitivity and discretion.

    It is an unfortunate fact that people with special needs often fall victim to the unethical acts of those around them who use their vulnerability against them. It is our very strong belief however, those people with special needs deserve justice, dignity and safety. Hence our investigators will respectfully conduct their enquiries and investigations with diligence, care and tenacity. Our NDIS provider clients insist on transparency and utmost competence when it comes to allegations against anyone associated with NDIS service provision.

    Some examples of the matters we investigate for NDIS providers include fraudulent behaviour, theft, assault, harassment and any other unethical misconduct or criminal behaviour. Whether you are a client, advocate, staff member or service provider owner in the NDIS sector, our team is best placed to respond to your investigative needs quickly and efficiently. We are well equipped to handle all manner of reportable conduct in the NDIS sector.

    Fraud Investigations Sydney

    Fraud is becoming an increasingly common crime. The problem many victims experience however is when they report these matters to Police they are advised the matter is civil or that Police will not take any action, citing issues such as violent crime taking priority, the likelihood of conviction being small and what is often referred to as the cost benefit analysis undertaken by investigation managers. This often leaves victims of fraud lingering having no idea where to turn next and what to do. This plays directly into the hands of the offender who has committed fraud and strengthens their resolve to continue their fraudulent acts.

    At Precision Integrity, we know what the Police don’t want you to know or won’t tell you. We know there is often a clear and demonstrable distinction between fraud and civil matters. Many police find frauds to be very complex and difficult and they struggle to get a clear understanding of what has taken place. This lack of clarity see’s officers turning genuine victims away rather than taking appropriate actions. Finally, we know Police can be stretched for resources and if our trained investigators do the groundwork for them, Police can arrest and charge an offender. Failing this any solicitor can, with adequate grounds as supplied through our investigations, lodge an ex-officio indictment to have the offender criminally charged and put though the court system without Police involvement.

    Alternatively, if you choose not to pursue a criminal charge other options are still open to you. Our Investigators can undertake the investigation of any fraud and then give you two ways to proceed. The first is to put the evidence before the offender and with the weight of that evidence convince them to repay the money that is owed. The second and more highly recommended strategy is to use the investigation as the cornerstone of a civil case being launched against the fraudster. The benefit of taking the matter to the civil court is the test of evidence is easier to meet. That being the “Balance of Probabilities” test. In criminal matters the standard of proof is “Beyond reasonable doubt” which often means even the slightest doubt about a person’s absolute guilty will see them found not guilty. The balance of probabilities asks whether based on the evidence available they most likely did commit the offence. As you can see this could make a huge difference to your matter. In addition, the civil court allows not only for reparations but the payment of the costs of your legal fees as well, creating a far greater burden on the offender at the end of the matter than many criminal matters do.

    If you believe you are the victim of a fraud now or have been in the past. We can help you. Call us today.

    Investigation Reviews

    The calibre of our investigation team allows us to undertake investigation reviews of any investigation that has been carried out. We offer our clients a unique service which ensures the investigation they are a part of has been carried out using best practice and has met the benchmark for fairness. Our investigation reviews highlight to you, a review panel, tribunal or court the strengths and weaknesses of any particular investigation and how the investigation could be better (if possible). We show what lines of enquiry were not followed up and highlight any vulnerabilities in the brief of evidence or report that has been put forward. Using this review process, we have had success in having biased, halfhearted and perfunctory investigations re-investigated or overturned by demonstrating how the same investigation in the hands of a skilled investigator with an objective eye could have done a far better job at revealing the truth at the heart of the investigation.

    Our highly skilled professional and experienced investigators are masters of their craft. They see beyond the report and look to the method of the investigator to gain an understanding of whether the investigator was acting fairly and objectively or demonstrated a level of bias in their investigation. It takes a trained eye and a precise detail orientated individual to see what is really occurring as an investigation evolves.

    If you believe you are a party to an investigation which has failed to find the answers of has been suboptimal in its execution, Precision Integrity Services can help you. Our independent investigation reviews will give you a comprehensive report to support you in seeking further investigation or a new investigation be undertaken so the truth of the matter is revealed.


    Our Experienced Factual Investigation Team

    Expert Evidence

    Having years of investigation experience means we are able to give expert evidence in court. Hence if you are involved in a court matter, we are able to provide expert opinion regarding any part of the investigation. This evidence may support or discredit the way an investigation was conducted which may in turn have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your matter. If you feel like an investigative body has not investigated a matter properly or perhaps that your investigation is being unfairly critiqued, our expert investigators can review the investigation and give evidence regarding the legitimacy of the investigation methods utilised in an expert report for presentation in court. Further to this our experts will attend court to give evidence in person should it be required.

    We Provide Answers When the Police Fail

    Have you ever felt as though you were the victim of a crime only to attend the Police station and be turned away? Did you ever get told by the Police nothing could be done but you felt like you were being lied to? The awful truth is that you may be right. Precision Integrity Services’ factual investigators can sit down with you and review your matter privately. They can explain to you if your matter could amount to a crime and how its should be handled and investigated by the Police. They will also quite likely be able to advise you on what else you can do or we can do for you to help get your matter actioned by Police.

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