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Intelligence Services

Precision Integrity Services provides you with an intelligence service which allows you to be able to navigate the commercial world with ease. If being forewarned means being forearmed, our intelligence service provides a tactical advantage saving you time and money. Our intelligence service is broken down into three parts.

Intelligence Collection

Our intelligence staff gather data and information from both overt and discreet inquiries. We use various intelligence collection methods such as surveillance, interviews or database searches to procure necessary information, identify emerging risks to you and your organisation. We then address knowledge gaps, which we explore to gain a better understanding of your operating environment.

Intelligence Management

Intelligence management requires a range of technologies and strategies which ultimately protect your intelligence and optimise the capacity for analysis and safeguard your operations. Precisions intelligence management allows you to easily call upon relevant information in making swift business decisions and taking action.

Intelligence Analysis

Gathering intelligence is merely a piece of the puzzle. Our experts go further, interpreting the data gathered and assessing its credibility and how it correlates to what is already known. From this we turn data into useable information which would otherwise be unknown. We draw on four decades of combined experience in law enforcement to help you identify any concerns, knowledge gaps, emerging threats or incongruencies in information & behaviour. The Precision intelligence analysis service can be tailored to your unique requirements and circumstances giving you a strategic and tactical advantage.

This service is exclusively offered by Precision Integrity . Due to its nature we provide this service to a select few clients in each industry. Beat the competition in your industry. Contact us today to get access to this limited opportunity

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